LTC - Credit Card Design

Credit card design showcase lion eyes

The LTC Credit Card Design was designed as a statement. The design should reflect strength and boldness with innovation. 

A unique approach to a Credit Card Design

Truly we wanted to go away from a common design as you have it with a common bank. We wanted to create something bold and different. With the concept presentation we began the development concept from a lions eye and began an abstract design development, leading to a contrastful unique design.

The Gradient on the pattern colors as well give the credit card design a new innovative look and is definitely a design that differentiate the LTC Card from the other cards in your wallet.

A financial industry learning curve

With this project our team learned a lot about master card design guidelines and it’s process, enabling our graphic design agency to provide a design that will pass within the master card and visa card guidelines.

Credit Card Design mockup lifestyle image
Overall credit card design photo toneyes

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