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LuxBrixx is a platform run by an Australian Investment Trust company that focuses on helping international investors invest in Asia’s property industry, and build their own diverse Asian lifestyle property investment portfolio. To stand out from their competitors, the company had decided to hire Toneyes to help build their corporate identity. Our agency had accomplished this by creating their company brochure. 

The Concept of the Project

Before our team started creating the company’s corporate identity brochure, we held several meetings to discuss our ideas and gain a better understanding on their objectives. After our discussion sessions, our team understood that LuxBrixx wanted to highlight their “ease of investing” and “high and fast returns” to their target audience.

After finalizing the concept, we started on building a moodboard to compile various innovative ideas for their corporate identity brochure. After going through our ideas with LuxBrixx, we decided on using a combination of white, grey, and brown for their brochure in order to accentuate the property industry.

Challenges of the Project

One challenge that our team faced during the project is to make the corporate identity of the company and their brochure highly unique and distinguishable from other property investment companies. This meant avoiding the use of stereotypical images like construction sites, blueprints, and construction workers. To achieve this, our team decided to have a more contemporary corporate identity brochure that still clearly show the brand and concept.

After consulting with LuxBrixx, we decided to use only pictures of building sections, have minimal text, use earth-tone colors, and include more graphics. This was to highlight the company’s main benefits and industry, and create a stronger image to their target audience.

Through this project, our agency was able to learn more about the property investment industry and hone our skills because we were able to challenge ourselves to think of more innovative ideas.

brochure design
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brochure design detail

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