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About the Client

Metallic Steel Center, established 22 September 1995, is Thailand’s largest manufacturer and distributor of steel products with 23 years of experience under its belt. The client has been known for delivering high-quality products required by various industries. The company also provides a variety of tailored services for each customer's needs. Metallic Steel Center has worked on several big projects such as the BTS Skytrain, industrial ring roads, and Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Project & Concept

The client approached us and asked us to redesign their current brochure and create a catalogue design to help their customers get the proper information and to give the company a new look. For this project, the Toneyes team decided on the concept of minimalistic design to focus on the data and numbers. The catalogue design was created with the purpose to remove clutter and build a brochure that would work as a purchasing tool for customers buying steel from the company. 

The catalogue includes infographics and statistics to educate potential customers about the manufacturing process and draw the context between individual products and steel manufacturing. With the minimalistic catalogue design, the purpose was to give Metallic Steel Center a new look while keeping the recognition value of their brand.

Working with the Client

The Toneyes team had an introduction and Kickoff meeting to learn more about the steel industry and the manufacturing process and visited the factory to learn about all the production process on site in order to create a catalogue design to help people understand the steel industry in a simple yet effective way.

Since the steel industry is a new field for the team, all of the details were discussed with the clients to get a clear understanding of the steel manufacturing industry and the production of each steel product.From the thorough discussions with the client we were able to create accurate infographics and create a catalogue design that was appealing to the client as well as their current and potential customers.

mcc thai Catalog
mcc thai Catalog
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Catalog Design
Metallic Steel Center
mcc thai Catalog

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catalog design
catalog design

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