Mitnamchai - Company Brochure

Mitnamchai requested Toneyes to produce their company brochure, which they planned to use during as a marketing tool at any agriculture exhibitions to attract potential rice buyers. As Toneyes’s first project related to the agriculture industry, our graphic design team had to learn about the rice industry and how rice is produced in order to create an effective and attractive brochure.

About Mitnamchai

Mitnamchai is a rice producer that not only sells rice products to other companies as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) but also under their own brand, Chedi. To do so, the company buys rice from suppliers (growers and merchants) across Thailand and processes them in their rice mill. They currently offer various types of rice, including Thai jasmine rice, glutinous rice, and riceberry rice, and bran products, which are categorized into rough bran, fine bran, and rice husks.

Since 2016, the company has entered the cassava and tapioca market.

About the Project

As a rice producer company, Mitnamchai wanted Toneyes to create a marketing brochure used for their agriculture exhibitions. The aim is to have the company attract potential rice buyers and stand out as a brand through their company brochure.

Publication Design Process

To create their company brochure, our graphic design team had to come up with a vision statement in order to craft the design around it. The vision statement our team came up with was “Turning Rice Making into Art.” We also decided to focus on the farmers for the company brochure because the company’s success lies with the farmers that have meticulously grown the rice.

After the vision statement and the focus was set, our graphic design team created infographics and illustrations so potential rice buyers can understand Mitnamchai’s rice making process, advantage, and how their “Rice Making Art” stands out when they read the brochure. Our team also used cool colors such as blue and brown as the color scheme of the company brochure to signify rice and cassava.

brochure detailed
brochure detailed

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