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About the Concept of the 2 Page Brochure Design

This two page brochure design is designed to present the new line of autumn festival packages of Mochi Sweets to bigger companies under consideration to sell the product as gift for their staff.

The brochure design was designed with help our our intern Supanuch and was an actual introduction in the art of brochure design for our really talented intern. We have chosen a special paper texture and two classic traditional colors to underlines the Japanese background of the Japanese desert.

The brochure design is in vietnamese and we focused the title in the middle of the page layout, that also separates the two different packages conveniently to create a better visual separation between two different possibilities on packages.

Our design team also designed the packaging design that are on the flyer and for the provisorily use we used 3D visualization that also has been visualized by the Toneyes team for this brochure design concept.

An easy but simplified feature description also gives the brochure design the needed information factor for the Mochi Sweets Marketing team.

Our concept for the brochure was really to create something elegant that shoes the needed information and to give the sales of Mochi Sweets a professional visual presentation tool to pitch their new product line. Important to understand as well is the important of the autumn festival for the Mochi Sweets Brand, since this is the season with the most sales revenue in the year.


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