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MyMeeting and Toneyes, a design and branding strategy agency based in Bangkok, collaborated in the rebranding of the client's sub-brands to create brand awareness about the various services provided to different fields of professions.

About the Client

MyMeeting is a multimedia conferencing service provider from Switzerland that provides high quality audio and video as well as user friendly interface. The client got in contact with Toneyes, a design agency based in Bangkok, regarding the rebranding strategy for their main brand and sub-brands MyMeeting, MyHealthcare, MyJustice and MyConference.

The rebranding strategy came about when our agency was asked to design brand identities for the three sub-brands so current as well as potential customers are aware of the sub-brands and the focus of their service to the different industries.

While the MyHealthcare brand is focusing on clients such as hospitals, MyJustice deals with the government and legal institutions and MyConference is targeted mainly towards businesses and universities that are in need of a professional video and streaming solution.

The Project & the Concept

The purpose of rebranding was to differentiate between the industries and the different service MyMeeting provides each industry. MyMeeting has clients from all industries in Switzerland, from universities to legal institutions, that are looking for video conferencing and streaming services that are suitable for their particular industry.

The concept for this rebranding project was to assign each of the sub-brand with their own color and shape so current and future clients can choose the service for the industry that they need. As a part of this rebranding strategy, our design agency  conceptualized a presentation medium in the form of a powerpoint and digital datasheet.

The idea of the final concept came about when discussing how we can get the customers to associate the specific colors to the sub-brand of MyMeeting,  so we can create a recognition value for each sub brand.

The outcome of the rebranding strategy resulted in a new brand guidelines with several datasheets and powerpoint presentations.

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