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The Next Level branding design showcases the outcome if you give a brand agency two keywords; "Investment" & "Innovation".

Next Level is an investment company specialised in litigation financing of alternative investment such as cloud based software and other tech companies holding intellectual properties to be licensed or litigated. 

Next Level wanted to brand themselves as an innovative investment company, focusing on the alternative investments opportunities of tomorrow. 

The branding design for this alternative investment company therefore required our brand agency team skills to figure out a balance for a design direction towards a mix between an investment company and a tech firm.

The obstacle was clarely to not cross the line of the brand of making it look too tech based and too conservative. Our designer shifted the weight of the brand elements back and forth and archieved a well balanced branding design for Next Level.

Building the Next Level Brand

We have started with an idea of an icon. An iconic icon that stands for Innovation and as well for security and boldness. 

The Pyramic "A" shaped icon was reflecting exactly that. Within the poster design, you as well see the inside of the "A" icon beeing a window to a different alternative opportunity. Creating new ideas, new investment and a new way of investments. 

The branding design of Next Level Assets as well includes a playful multicolor color pallet giving Next Level the possibility and freedom to cover multiple emotional brand messages during their marketing journey. 

Where a white background stands for the business look and feel, the purple for the expereince, the blue for a corporate look and the green for a innovative look. 

Additionally for the branding design concept, we added a playful typography layout that can be seen on the brochure design and in the headers of the Next Level Asset website. 

As well integrating the icon into full scale image backgrounds gives the investment company a unique look and feel. 


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