Platinum Portfolio Coupon - Booklet Design

A Booklet Design to present a litigation finance income unit back in 2020. The Booklet was used to present to existing clients a new investment proposal.

The platinum portfolio booklet design was showcasing 3 litigation cases where investors could participate in financing the litigation cases. 

Within the Booklet Design, we showcased the the litigation process in a well layouted timeline so the investors can be well informed and they as well will receive a good overview of the investment timespan.

The Booklet Design Concept

The concept was to have a luxury exclusive look and feel to the booklet. It should be something special, offered only to selected investors.

The concept was built around the word platinum and additional to platinum to give the booklet design a more luxury look we implemented gold on the timeline page. 

The booklet design was designed pretty much with a basic layout. The key focus was more in the content strategy and content design for certain keypages. 

Of course a customised iconography was included in the artwork as well. Giving the investors a luxury booklet informing about an exclusive investment opportunity in hand picked litigation cases.

As well, our design team included supporting images for creating a subbrand for an existing financial company overseen by our creative design agency. 

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