UNFPA - Poster Design

UNFPA Poster Design

For the UNFPA, Toneyes created a set of poster design artworks that have been used for different events. One design have been used for the Connect Effect Conference and the other one has been used for the conference of “Sex work, violence and HIV in Asia”.

Concept for Connect Effect Poster Design

This design was adapted from the actual website “www.connect-effect.com”, the brand was clearly adpated and the artwork was an important brand of our voices. The work has been used for a conference stand that was designed to inform the people about the project and also indicate the usage of the website. Please also find out more about the web application designed and developed by our agency


Concept Poster Design for the Sex Work Violence

The concept and design was for the actual report and research paper: “Sex work, violence and HIV in Asia - From evidence to safety”. This website was a poster that has been adapted from the existing research paper design.

What our Client Says About the Project

Toneyes is an agency that we worked on the web application of connect effect itself. We liked the way how Toneyes was able to process the content and information and processed the data to put together 2 great posters.

UNFPA Poster Design
UNFPA Poster Design

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