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Topflight Bangkok is a company based in Thailand that offers a basketball academy as well offers professional league management and basketball facilities for young children, students, weekenders, amateurs and seniors. 

With their focus to rebrand them self in the year 2015 Topflights hired Toneyes to take Topflight design wise to the next level. It was the task to reflect the team personality and vision in the print and digital designs of Topflight Basketball Bangkok in Thailand.

In close collaboration with the client and us, a corporate design company in Bangkok, Thailand archived a truly unique and corporate identity for Topflight. 

As a corporate design company we researched and got to know the team spirit and framed it in, in all the graphic design and web design artworks produced. 

Toneyes corporate design company team used and color adjusted pre existing photos from the academy. The back from the roots and coolness factor please a big role in our design concept and is what draws the corporate pictures for the project. 

Simplicity, coolness, back to the roots and colourful contrast is what defines the picture of this rebranding project. 

Corporate Identity Company Note

It is really hat you are looking at the artworks and you will feel like looking at a movie filmed in a sunny place and where the team spirit defines the message. It is the imaginary as well the functionality in be able for the clients to gather informations in the fastest way. 
Designers and Artists like to create worlds and transport viewers into a new perspective all what we were trying to archive with this rebranding project is to reflect our clients world and teleport their clients into their perspectives to better understand the value and advantage of the Topflight Academy. 

In this project we are really please with the teamwork between our corporate design company team and our clients. We only achieved this unique corporate identity with deep conversations with our client. 

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