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In the first big project with SUMERNET, Toneyes had the opportunity to work with the organization to create a set of movie poster design for their documentaries. These documentaries aimed to educate viewers on some of the environmental challenges in the Mekong region.


SUMERNET, or better known as the Sustainable Mekong Research Network, is an organization that combines several organizations to conduct and build research on sustainable development in the Mekong region. The research would then be used to inform and engage stakeholders, planners, and policy makers to influence sustainable development policies around the Mekong region (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and China).

SUMERNET is an organization funded by the Stockholm Environment Institute, or SEI, an organization under the government of Sweden.

The Requirements for the Poster Design

As the movie posters were used to promote SUMERNET’s documentary movies, it was important for the poster design to be able to clearly visually communicate the theme of each documentary movie through one illustration. It was also important for the poster design to be visually attractive and informative.

The Film Poster Design Concept

Together with SEI, our graphic design team decided to go with the concept of old fashioned visual movie posters for the movie poster designs. To ensure the effectiveness of each poster, it was also very important for our team to ensure each design created were visually attractive and easily understandable, even if it's only by looking at the graphic used on the poster.

Poster Design Process

After confirming the concept of the entire set of posters, our graphic design team worked on creating the visualization for each poster. Each design was confirmed with SEI before our team finally created the publication layout for each poster design. Lastly, Toneyes printed the new movie flyers and posters, which were then used by SUMERNET.

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