SEI GESEP Infographics Design

sei gesep infographic design

The concept was for the internal info paper to create an inviting document to attract volunteers to sign up for the group.

The document was used internally by the Stockholm Environment Institute and sent to their members internally. The challenge of this simple document was to layout all info and interest visually and make it inviting.

You can read more about the project here:

People involved

In close collaboration with the SEI team in Thailand our senior designer worked on the infographics concept. Laying out the foundation for new design for the new SEi initiative.

Infographics design to improve communication

Our agency offers as well for complex services and projects infographics design that help our clients to explain and showcase their products and to educate their clients about their service and technology. Infographics design helps where product education and introduction is required.

Please see here an example we have done with showcasing the production process of the Metal Steel Center in Thailand:

This infographics design is educating the client about the metal sheet process in detail and as well as showcasing the variety of products that the Steel Center is producing.

In another example as at inteltion web project we have used infographics as storytelling and as well service description:

Here you see infographics making up a big major part of the website interaction and user journey.

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SEI GESEP Infographics Design

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