SEI - Publication Design

sei publication design

SUMERNET enlisted Toneyes to create a 100-page publication design for their booklet. The booklet would then be used to inform readers about information such as the organization’s background and their activities.

As one of the first projects done for Sumernet and SEI, it provided our team a great introduction into numerous other SUMERNET projects. In fact, the success of this project allowed our agency to work with SUMERNET for several years already. This publication design project also served as an opportunity to work with a renowned environmental organization, which is supervised by the Swedish Government.

About Sumernet

The Sustainable Mekong Research Network (SUMERNET) is an environmental organization that focuses on conducting and building research on sustainable development in the Mekong region. The research obtained by the organization is used to inform and engage policymakers, planners, and stakeholders in the region to drive sustainable development policies related to the Mekong area (Vietnam, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and China).

Sumernet is an organization under the government of Sweden which is funded by the Stockholm Environment Institute, which is also known as SEI.

Publication Design Process

To create the publication design for SEI, we first had to understand their specifications and requirements. After discussing with their team, our graphic design team decided to create the publication design in A5 size.

After determining the size of the booklet, our team concentrated on creating the publication layout for all 100 pages. This meant our graphic design team had to decide the overall look of the booklet, which includes deciding the color scheme and font style, while keeping in mind that the publication design had to be both informative and attractive. Afterwards, our team did the formatting and page layout integration of the booklet.

Lastly, after completing the publication design, our agency printed the booklets and supervised the printing to ensure the final product is what we wanted.

sei publication design
sei publication design
sei publication design

More about SEI

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