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Sumernet is a sustainable Mekong Research Network. It provides an initiative for research and policy engagement in the Mekong Region such as in countries of Cambodia, China, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. 

The Vision Guide Design

The Vision Guide Design was a part of a bigger project the Sumernet Website itself. You can find more information on our website portfolio page. 

The Vision Guide Design has the function to explain the vision behind the Sumernet Network. 

Our team worked on the Cover to focus on the river which is the key focus of sustainability in the region. The Vision Guide is set from 2019 - 2028 and builds the foundation of the guideance of all the projects happening within this time span.

A Small Part of a Bigger Picture

As mentioned the Vision Guide is used as a download on the website itself. But our agency has the privilege to have worked with this network for several years in different areas, such as simple post and flyer design, from animation and explainer video and web development. 

Within the year 2020 we as well are working on a series of MOOC videos that explain sophisticated video training for academics. 

Every single project with Sumernet and SEI is for us a project where our whole team learns so much about sustainability in the Mekong Region. Furthermore we are always having new opportunities to use new visual communication techniques to bring information across to an academic target audience.

Vision Guide Design Sumernet Introduction Page
Vision Guide Design Category Section Page
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Vision Guide Design Layout for images Background
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