Soji Mask - Packaging Design

soji mask packaging design side view
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About the Packaging Design

With the 2020 COVID Pandemic, many companies in Thailand found the need to adapt to the situation. As well, a metal factory has initiated a project which focused on the production of surgical masks. Toneyes was hired as a trusted design agency to come up with the logo design and the packaging design.

The Packaging Design Concept

The concept was to use a clean and simple brand for the mask. It was as well the concept to create a new brand that would apply a more professional and medical feeling to the face mask itself. The packaging design was designed alongside the logo design which had been influenced by japanese graphic design. 

We used an innovative turquoise green color for the brand in order to make the packaging design more attractive in comparison to the competition, for the case that the face masks would be distributed in a store or in the drugstore sections.

Design Process

As with all our projects, our team began with the moodboard process of the logo design attached with some creative inspiration for the packaging design itself. 

The logo design then quickly was established, and our design team simultaneously worked on the iconography for the mask usage and the wireframing of the packaging design. 

The outcome was a new brand for a face mask with a standardised packaging design, that would focus more on giving consumers a more medical professional and trustworthy look.

Soji mask packaging design top view

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