Soulawa - Branding Design

Soulawa Branding Design

Soulawa is a web application and web design project that has been developed by the branding agency Toneyes as well. Soulawa is a platform that focuses on the artist and is determined to create a network out of handcraft artists and consumers.

The Concept and the Collaboration Between Soulawa and a Branding Agency

The concept was to create a web application that allows other handcraft artist to create their own shop to sale and distribute their crafts through Soulawa. Therefore a strong branding was needed to keep up against the competitors. While there are many competitors, Soulawa always wanted to appear to be different. The concept was to keep the Branding personal with a slight handcrafted look.

Our creative design team created the Logo out of a Potato Stamp. The “W” was carved out of the potato and the stamp and Icon replaced the initiation “W” in the logo type.

The branding agency Toneyes in Bangkok then also worked out with the client different colors to appear flexible to all different handcraft artists.

The Brand has been designed to be global and still keeps its handcrafted look. As well this idea is reflected in the video graphics and social media campaigns of the Brand.

It is the concept to keep the branding non commercial with a indy looking appearence.

What the Client says About the Work of a Branding Agency in Bangkok

We were impressed by the work of the branding agency Toneyes, also we have made the decision to work with Toneyes because of their determination and passion and understanding of our vision of of our Brand. Their vary knowledge of web development, graphics design, video graphics and online marketing is a clear great advantage for a startup like ours.

The Hubble Brand

This brochure design project is an actual part of an entire corporate identity brand project. The actual brand concept involves a flyer design and in addition also a video and motion graphics animation.

Toneyes worked closely with the client together to develop the initial client's idea from a simple draft into a professional brand design to show all the people that the new coworking space is a truly unique innovative idea that approached the young generation of entrepreneur in a totally new way.

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