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Swissôtel is a well-known Swiss hotel chain, with hotels all over the world. The hotel branch in Phuket had decided to hire Toneyes in order to design its new pool bar menu design to increase the attractiveness of the menu and stimulate consumer behavior.

A New Pool Bar Restaurant Menu Design

The new restaurant menu design is built on the initial looks of a pool bar menu. With the requirements to create an interesting and exciting new design suitable for parents, family, couples and children, our agency took on a unique design approach to build the new concept around the actual physical pool bar. 

The pool of Swissôtel is constructed using marine dark blue tiles and the bar itself is made out of wood. With the trendy look of bottles at the bar, we have decided to implement a colorful pattern into the new restaurant menu design artwork.

The Concept & Design Elements

The new restaurant menu design and type logo for the pool bar Splash at Swissôtel Phuket was designed with the concept of being fun and sophisticated.

The colorful pattern along the type evokes the emotion of joy and holiday, in addition to making the design more attractive to children. 

The dark blue color tone of the logo identifies the menu with the ocean and pool. Conversely, customers can now receive a more complete and extended experience of being near water at the Splash Swissôtel Phuket Pool bar. 

The die cut images of the palm tree we have implemented for the hotel guest has brought customers a sense of being in the tropics.

hotel restaurant menu design

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