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The hubble brochure

The Hubble is a new concept innovative coworking space concept in Bangkok Thailand. Toneyes has the mission to brand and conceptualize the Hubble Brand

Building a Corporate Identity with a Brochure Design

As with many other corporate identity project, Toneyes helped “ The Hubble ” build their brand with a professional unique brochure design. The corporate identity concept was build on the slogan “ Expanding Realities”. Since the coworking space is build on a concept that involves actively virtual reality technology, the creative team of Toneyes came up with the concept to expand the realities of “The Hubble” clienteles.

The corporate identity involves different elements such as pixel art, 2D graphics design put into 3D perspective and photo collages of different graphical elements.

Pixel Art Meets Modern 2D Graphic Design

In the brochure design you see different graphic design meeting each other. The creative mix of traditional minimalistic 2D graphic design that involves putting 2D graphics into perspectives and also an additional mix of classical pixel art design to connect to a cultural virtual world is creating a truly unique brand for “The Hubble”.

This brochure design is a typical example how the graphics design agency in Bangkok called Toneyes is building their clients brand with brochure design that has been developed by detailed research, moodboards and creative meetings that involved into a unique corporate identity concept.

The Hubble Brand

This brochure design project is an actual part of an entire corporate identity brand project. The actual brand concept involves a flyer design and in addition also a video and motion graphics animation.

Toneyes worked closely with the client together to develop the initial client's idea from a simple draft into a professional brand design to show all the people that the new coworking space is a truly unique innovative idea that approached the young generation of entrepreneur in a totally new way.

hubble brochure design
hubble brochure design
hubble brochure design

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