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About the Client

Triton Commercial Systems is the premier supplier of production recording and labeling to reduce labour and increase yield in the Food Processing Industry since 1984. Triton provides a host of technological solutions that allow Food Processors to unlock potential, advance processing capability, and explore new opportunities for the products.

The company is a full service operator that provides service in 5 distinct areas that offers customers 360 degrees of service experience.

Background on Client

Triton has been providing cutting edge software and hardware solutions to reduce labor, ensure quality and create traceability in the Food Processing Industry. With over 35 years of experience in the food processing technology industry, Triton is committed to streamlining hardware and software systems for the processing industry and providing customers access to reliable, cutting edge food production management technology solutions with little to no upfront capital investment.

triton brand design

Project & Concept

The client contacted Toneyes, a design agency in Bangkok, for rebranding and other branding services. For this project the Toneyes team rebranded and created a new design for the client’s website as well as design infographics and create animation.

The concept for this project was simple and clean. The rebranding included designing and creating simple infographics and animation to make Triton’s customers more aware and educated about the Food Processing Industry. The website was designed to be easily navigated by current as well as potential customers and to show the ways the software helps and engage the customer.

The Process

In the course of creating a new design for the client, Toneyes, a design agency providing branding services, created mood boards and did research to create correct infographics. The design team worked on the mood board design to create the graphic and design for the website that would enhance the personality and highlight the services provided by Triton.

As a part of the rebranding services, Toneyes also created infographic designs that were appealing to both our clients and their clients. Along with the mood board and infographics, the team created designs for Triton Brochures and created animations for their website to make it more engaging for the customers.

End Result

The client received a set of Marketing Materials that explains the Food Processing Application solution. Rebranding services don’t necessarily just mean creating graphics and animations but to also teach our clients ways to use their social media and websites as a marketing tool. The final addition we made as a part of our rebranding service is the Webshop on Triton’s website, which will be launched soon.

Visit their website for more information about their company and their products:

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Brochure design
Brochure design
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brochure design agency
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