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Ultrabrights corporate branding

UltraBrights is a new innovative DiamondCut that is particular designed for small diamonds. With being the first diamond cut designed for malee diamonds, UltraBrights segments itself into a totally new market. UltraBrights with its headquarters in Belgium worked with the Thai creative agency Toneyes closely together to fullfill the visuals of a longyear vision to create a revolutionary diamond cut that can change the industry.

Concept & Brand Strategy

The brand strategy was to truly designed as something exclusive. The new innovative diamond cut was focusing on innovation, luxury and showcasing the vision of the company and the new cut itself. 
Our brand agency worked closely with our client on the logo design which holds the rhombus as logo shape, where usually the sample diamonds are presented to the client.

With the color “mint green” inside the “A” logotype we are focusing on the brilliance of the diamond cut. 
The brand strategy of the client was to design a logo and a first contact card to start building up the brand of the new diamond cut.

The logo design contains a new designed typeface, custom designed for our client. The newly designed slab serif font is underlining the elegance with the connection to the roots and the traditional way of designing diamond cuts. The logo stands for the long year tradition.

The card design was the first platform of  design element that our agency used to start on building the brand. The card was designed along with a simple minimalistic letterhead and envelop, to be send as presentation letter to well known hand picked jewelries as brand introduction.

The UltraBright Product

The Ultra Brights product has been innovative to unleash the true beauty of small diamonds, and shift the focus from the main diamond to the small diamonds. 

The new diamond cut was designed to make the small diamonds look more brilliant and use the light and fire of each diamond in a more optimised way.

brand design
brochure design detail

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UltraBrights - Corporate Branding

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