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Veglash is a innovative brand that found a way to naturally grow your lashes and brows. A successfull company in the United States came to Toneyes with the requirement to rebrand their brand. 

The Concept

The Toneyes branding agency worked closely together with the Vegalash team to make the brand more appearing to their clients. As a B2C business model the brand is working directly with the consumer and wanted to create a more friendly personal appeal by improving and creating new graphic design elements. It was the concept to include more cuteness and create a fantasie world of Vegalash. Our branding agency started with a set of illustrations and worked on the rebranding the website as a first Step. By keeping still the same colortones and the the font in place the rebranding project by our rbanding agency created a smooth transition in early march 2017. You can see more information about the brand on the website of Veglash

Website Redesign

The redesign project of the website was the first step. Our branding agency created and designed the screenshots and we worked together with Vegalash to realse the project. The initial website was built on a shopify page. 

With the Collaboration with Vegalashes internal development team, we were able to realise a successful website redesign.

Video Explainer

On the website itself our branding agency also replaced a not clear understandable infographics with a very simple and easy explainer video, which really shows how the product work.

Newsletter Marketing Graphic Design

With the close collaboration with the marketing and sales team of Vegalash we also had the opportunity to rebrand Vegalashes Email Marketing Emails. This marketing tool was an other important point of Vegalashes business, that gave us a great marketing inside of a B2C business strategy.

Conclusion & Teamwork

Even by working with a high difference in the time cause of the time difference we were able to calloborate with our cients trough simple email communications. Our branding agency loves to work with the brand Veglash and we ae proud to be a part of the reanding projectof a great successfull american B2C company that is build their success on a idialist vision to help woman and emphasis their business to give woman the confidence to show their real inner beauty. 

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