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Zanroo is a young and innovative social listening cloud-based solution for the international market.

Building the Brand Strategy

The most important thing before you start building a brand strategy is to listen and obtain as much information as possible from the company. The story of the Zanroo was about a young and keen group that began with only 6 people who lived and worked in a rental house. From here they started to build the most innovative application, a social listening system.

In our brand strategy concept we mainly focus on the team origins and its mentality. With their family-like atmosphere that has been kept until today, it was important for our agency to reflect where this team is coming from.

The Product

The product that the company designed is an innovative social listening tool. Although it may sound sophisticated and complicated, this is how the product works:

  • Clients sign up and get a dashboard login.Clients sign up and get a dashboard login.
  • With the Dashboard the client can quickly see who is writing the reviews or posts. Most importantly, through an intelligent word analysis system, they can see if it is negative or positive.
  • The client can then directly interact with the posts, either to counter-reply or to apologize, in order to prevent the post from becoming viral.

As you see in today’s online marketing market, the Product give companies the chance to improve their public relations. With better public relations, this allows companies to achieve higher profit.

Reflecting the Personality in a Design Concept

Reflecting the Personality in a Design ConceptThe brand building started with a concept that was quickly accepted. We used the existing dark blue color as it reflects the technical skills of Zanroo. Most importantly, we also implemented saturated positive colors, such as green and yellow, to the design elements to represent the innovative and family atmosphere.

With the request from the client, we also worked on the mascot. The mascot represents and reflects the meaning of the word “Zanroo”. Coming from a Thai Name, it means “the dogs know the people”. It is a word only applied to a dog. The understanding, feeling and personality of the dog towards people means “Zanroo”.

Therefore, from the name, this implies that the dog always in a social environment. For example, in a cinema the dog promptly understands the feeling of the person sitting and watching the movie. In an interactive environment, the dog always listens, understands and interacts with the person, which reflects what the product does.

Design Elements & Production

Designed elements and productionFirst, we created the brand by developing a Brand Concept and the slogan “listening to people”. After establishing this, we worked on graphical elements such as poster designs and the company brochure. This sets the base for all the visual elements and language for the brand strategy.

Afterwards, we started building the website and worked on developing the visuals. After finishing with developing the website, we summarized everything in a brand book.

If you are looking for a professional brand strategy development, contact us and we will be happy to consult you in the right way and craft your personal brand.

zanroo book design
zanroo book design detailed
zanroo book design detailed
zanroo book design detailed
brochure design cover
brochure design detail
brochure design detail

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