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zellulin packaging design by toneyes

Zellulin Packaging Design was designed for a biotech company on the purpose to create an impressive presentation of test products, showing potential clients the technology behind Zellulin.

The Zellulin is a biotech company in Hong Kong providing a pure powerful sustainable solution build on blue biotechnology. Providing cosmetic companies a skincare ingredient to keep the skin young and smoth. 

The packaging design involved as well the brand built for Zellulin, since the packaging desing was the first element designed for the company. The resason to choose the packaging design as the first brand element was because the biotech company required an impressive showcase of the testproducts for their first set of potential clients. 

Within the packaging design development, we worked with the client closely to shape the logo, color pallets and as well the look and feel of the brand. 

After the packagin design was approved, our team started working on the Zellulin Web Design Project, which was a further development of the brand design by involving content and titles into the new Zellulin Brand. 

The packaging design required a lot of precess and our client as well as our team invested a lot of time in order to balance marketing, business and design requirements. 

The outcome was something simple but was a well thought out first brand element in the form of a packaging design. 

After the first sample production of the packaging design our client hired a local photo shooting studio in Hong Kong to produce visual elements and images that have been used throughout the website.


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