Custom mobile application

Custom mobile application

About the project

BitConstructor is a mobile application development company, and developed this social mobile application for a swiss client.

The custom mobile application project inlcudes functions such as chating, messaging, checkins, geo/gps functions. The concept of the social app is that your open is up and you can find everything around you. The app includes a radar, where you can see all the people and check-ins around you. You can literally walk trough a city and meet new people and see whats up around you.

The custom mobile application is a iOS native developed App and can be downloaded from the AppStore. 

Clients Testimonials

As a young dynamic team is was a great experience to work on our custom mobile application with the mobile app development company BitConstructor. BitConstructor realized and flipped a idea to a app. 
At the moment we also decided to invest in the App in a long run.

Project manager's Review

Our mobile application department is still young and this app was a challenge since we had a concept that included many new ideas and functions. But our mobile application developer team realized the project. Our graphic design department also did a great job in designing the user interface and give the custom mobile application a nice unique branding.

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