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Image Video Production

Co Van Kessel is a unique motion graphics and video production project we had accomplished this year. Fascinated by what Co Van Kessel offers to tourists, which is introducing tourists to Bangkok’s off the beaten path, this has motivated our team to find out more in detail about the experience you get from this famous tour.

By personally experiencing the tour several times, we had discovered more about the experience. From this experience, we worked together with our client to create a video concept aiming to inspire and motivate viewers to participate on the tour while not giving too many spoilers.

Image Video Concept & Production

The production of the video and image video for Co Van Kessel was produced in 1 day. Our client had arranged a one-day tour, where our production team had the chance to see locals and the real Bangkok.

The concept of the video was about showing “the real Bangkok”, which is a different face from the Bangkok everyone is used to seeing. With our small production team of 2 videographers and one assistant we had the chance to shoot numerous unique scenes, such as monks teaching in local schools and children playing in the river.

With additional small animations of the mascot and other small elements, we had implemented the Co Van Kessel brand into the image video. We also worked with our client on the idea to focus more on video production, with greater emphasis on using the YouTube channel to get more attention.

The image video is now used and published on the homepage.

The Story of Co Van Kessel

With our agency designing and developing the website, we also worked on the story video that has now been published on the website. You can watch the video here, where we have linked it with the About us Page of our client.

Our team had worked on the concept to create a charming About Us video by filming the tour guides and having all the different faces in the video. For the script, we wrote out a beautiful storyline and had a friend of the tour creator record the voice recording.

With additional animation, we implemented the brand and used it to tell the story of the tour creator.

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