Invictus Coin - Image Video

Our agency had commenced a foundation for a new brand of a new cryptocurrency coin. 

Named as "Invictus Coin", Invictus is the coin launched by LTC Trading Club that was built with the concept of bringing back the initial idea of a great coin. Through this, we provide the LTC Tradings Club community the opportunity to become part of something great from the very beginning.

Invictus Coin (IVC): The Start of Something Great

The Invictus coin was designed for the miner and LTC Trading Club Community. The new coin was envisioned as a way to bring back the decentralized idea of a coin. Invictus is not an ICO and was not launched in order to generate funding to build up a coin or a company around a coin. The Invictus coin was created and directly launched on the exchange market and, at the same time, was implemented as payment tool for the existing services of Lions Trading Club, such as

• Banking Solutions

• LTC Academy Webinars and Seminars

• Miner Community of LTC Trading Club

The Image Video Concept of Invictus Coin

The image video was built entirely out of still images and graphics. Using different techniques, we have simulated 3D camera movements and created an epic brand for the new Invictus Coin Launch. The image video also builds up the foundation of the brand based on epic and visionary visions of the coin creators.

Using the deep blue and gold colors, we, the brand, place emphasis on experience and strength. On top of the image video, our agency has also created the logo design and constructed the presentation website for the coin.

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