LTC Academy Image Video

A company under the LTC Group, LTC Academy operates in the realms of educating the LTC community with valuable cryptocurrency information and basics. Using innovation in its methods of contributing knowledge to the people, the use of both online seminars and physical offline workshops allow the LTC group to connect with its community. This is the foundation of this academy.

The image video project as brand foundation

For the academy launched under the LTC Group, our agency has chosen a different corporate direction. With the use of simple graphics and illustration, we aim to display its friendliness charms and motivation of gathering knowledge regarding the financial market. With the image video, while underlining the dreams and opportunities ahead, we try to connect with the audience using positive motivation emotions.

Additional Projects and Continuation

The image video has built a base for the LTC academy brand. Currently, our agency is engaging with the LTC Academy by establishing a functional web presence with the concept of building up the offline and web seminar business.

Image Video Techniques

The image videos are mainly built on illustrations, with conceptualization and realization of the designs done by our design team. With still and epic feel, we emphasized on slow and dramatic camera movements. The animation has been animated in Adobe After Effects using 3D Layers.

Tags: motion graphics