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Motion Graphic Trend Still Continues

This project really shows how effective motion graphic still is and how Toneyes implemented a web video as a part of Mochi Sweets branding element.

Mochi Sweets is a Japanese franchise that sales the most delicious mochi. Mochiweets mochis have a particular special twist to the traditional Japanese rice cake which is a cream filling. They offer 18 different delicious flavors. 

Mochi Sweets Vietnam and Thailand which is owned by the company DL Sweets in Vietnam hired Toneyes to rebrand the Mochi Sweets brand and create a webshops as well as marketing material for the first franchises in Bangkok. 

We as a motion design company loved this project, because we had the opportunity to work with the director of DL Sweets closely together and get valuable inside perspectives in the food, desert and vietnamese market. We also where greatful for to opportuniy to work on the character designs and the stylising of the branding elements of the brand. 

The Concept in the Eyes of the Motion Design Company

 This project was a great experience for us a motion design company, we had to adapt us to a different style which went into japanese style of graphic design and character animations. 

Our motion design team used after effects as animation software. The character design has been designed in Illustrator. An individual unique character design accordingly requirement of our clients also has been used for Mochi Sweets marketing materials. 

The motion design video will be used for the Mochiweets Brand presentation to be able to opening the first franchises here in Bangkok. The video is in total 1.30min ling and explains the basics about what a mochi is, and about the brand itself.

A professional voice-over by an american voice over artist had been added. The direction of the voice over with a great idea of our cleint to use a slight japanese icon indicates the asian japanese touch to their desert product really well.

What the Client Says

What I appreciated most about working with Daniel Benz and his team was their ability to cut through the predictable ideas, came up with something creative, and deliver the expected results with quality. They listen carefully and get things done quickly. They response to question almost immediately and address problems effectively.

I highly recommend Toneyes Design & Web Agency to business owners.

Duy Tran / Director of DL Sweets

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