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The image video of RIS Swiss Section was created by a unique and different approach of a video presentation of a international school in Bangkok.

Usually image videos are created by showcasing a quality facilities and the vision statement that in nearly on all international schools are emphasised on the perfect scholar ethics. 

The Image Video Concept

Unlike other school presentation videos our motion design design emphasises on the quality of the students and the teachers and the learning methods. RIS Swiss Section is a Swiss Government approved school in Bangkok and allows student to access directly to the well known universities in Switzerland and Germany.

Our motion design studio emphasised therefore on the quality of the students and the teachers and as well on the learning methods.
With the concept to talk to hand picked students we generated an image video opening with the quotes and showcase the importance of each subject. With a script designed to showcase the real and differentiation of the RIS Swiss Section International School we build a video that really showcases the uniqueness of the school.

Including Teacher’s Interviews to the Image Video

In addition to the whole website concept of the school we have included the strategy to include more videos throughout the website and also to include teachers to the image video. 

Since our motion design studio also has a management that has children that visit the school, the understanding and mentality of the school is really reflected well and with the importance of important decisions making subjects such as the teachers and their view of their own subject that they are teaching are used selling the school's learning methods, vision and determination. 


In conclusion we have end up with a unique RIS Swiss Section International video that is truly unique and showcasing the difference between the RIS Swiss Section and other international School in Bangkok.

As well with the great feedback that parents sending their children to the school als can fully feel the schools mentality is well showcased in the presentation video is confirming the purpose of this image video project.

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