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Kiribilli is a private member capital market place that aims to connect investors with asset-based alternative investments. To stand out from other companies, the company decided to hire Toneyes to help them build their brand.

Our agency accomplished this by using motion design and creating a motion graphic video about Kiribilli Private. Kiribilli Privat has offices in Canberra, Australia and London, England.

The Concept of the Project

Before starting our project, we had conducted several brainstorming sessions with the company. From these sessions, we found out that Kiribilli wanted their video to emphasize their various asset-based alternative investments offerings, provide their target audience a better understanding of how their service works, and educate potential investors on how their service can give them fast and high returns. As a result, we decided on building an animated motion design video.

Our Actions

After finalizing the concept, our motion designer created a moodboard that consisted of several original ideas for their motion design video. After going through the ideas with the client, we decided on primarily using a combination of various shades of blue, green, and yellow in their video to represent money and the financial industry. Our motion designer also used clouds as the background picture and arrows moving through the cloud to emphasize "fast and high returns."

Challenges During the Project

One challenge that our team faced was creating a video that could clearly explain about Kiribilli Private, and can emphasize the benefits of joining it in a simple way. This meant using less technical words and complementing the explanations with proper images. To do so, our motion designer used a 60 frames by seconds animation technique to build the motion design video.

Through this project, we were able to learn how to optimize the teamwork between our graphics design and animation team and hone our advanced infographics design skills in order to create an informative and attractive motion design video.

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