Network Centrality - Motion Graphics

Portfolio Showcase of the animation agency Toneyes. Network Centrality discovers the powerful people networks in every known industry.

The Animation Agency Toneyes and Network Centrality

Building a brand is a journey that is taking us through multiple medium design processes. Network Centrality is a good example where our animation agency started on a logo design, created the website and shaped the Network Centrality brand with an animation motion graphic video that is published on the website and as well is used for company presentations.  

2D Animation in After Effects

Our animation agency used 2D techniques in after effects to help create the Network Centrality explainer video. Find out more about our animation motion graphic production techniques and processes in our video here.

Video use and Clients Feedback

The video is mostly used as a first impression on the client's website and in meetings. Feedback from their clients have proven that the video helps explain Network Centralities features and services. More importantly, it creates a first brand impression that is carried out through the whole client journey.

Our animation agency is thankful for the experience and close collaboration with our client that has turned a very complex service into a creative introductional explainer video.

network centrality storyboard

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