Topflight - Video Graphics

Toneyes counts Topflight as one of their pioneer successful rebranding clients. This video graphics project was a rounding of project for the whole re branding project.

The concept was to create a homepage video to present the advantages of having your kids attending Basketball classes rather than other classes such as boring piano classes or football classes or other afterschool activities.

The video will be designed to be used for the homepage and all the social media channels. This video has to concept to show the real idea behind the academy and show story, interest and vision of the basketball academy in just few minutes.

Video Graphics Concept

The concept was build on a intensive script that was showing the real passion of Ikenna Nwankwo the founder of the basketball academy Topflight. By using pre existing video footage the team of Toneyes cut together a nice flowing sequence to let the visuals flow with the script and the video message.

Video Production

In this video graphics project our team animated the designed poster in after effects. The simple animations are scenes that should indicate the activities and services of Topflight Bangkok.

Our team and our client also felt to give it a try to have Ikenna Nwankwo speaking the voice over to bring across personality and originality to the video message. We have done the professional voiceover recording in a tone studio in Bangkok called “Polarbear Studios.”

What our Client Says About the Project

“Nest video yet! Go Topflight” was the short social media share post on Facebook on their Facebook Fanpage. The client was really happy and astonished about the motion graphic and the professional way how our team was producing the video graphics.

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