Zellulin Explainer Video

Zellulin is one of our returning clients that has given us the opportunity to work with them to develop a well informative explainer video for their company. The full video is approximately 5 minutes long. Due to confidentiality of this project, we can only showcase a shortened version of the video for portfolio use. 

Research & Understanding

Zellulin is a biotech company based in Hong Kong that works towards finding innovative ways of ethical fish protein production for cosmetic use. In order to produce an informative video, it was our first responsibility to get the full depth and understanding of the technologies and processes used. To do this, our team invested time conducting meetings and research with the client so we can ensure we grasp the technical aspects for this project. 

Our team then began doing some research and moodboarding, looking for infographics such as examples for skin layering, lab materials and scientific graphics which were then later confirmed by the client for accuracy. 

Crafting the Storyboard & Production

Once our team fully understood the requirements and technical processes that Zellulin does, we could then finally start crafting a well informative storyboard explaining the process in a visual way. A script for the video had been provided by our client that gave us a guideline to use while designing the visuals for this project.

As agreed with the client, we did not want the style of the video to look too scientific. We were searching for the middle ground somewhere between scientific and cosmetic. Therefore, we focused on a softer approach using colors, texture and abstract shapes that would be more pleasing to the viewer's eye while still maintaining the scientific structure of the graphics. Additionally, we also inserted some B-roll shots of their products and using storyblocks clips to help balance out the types of visuals. In the end, our team was able to produce a well thought out video production in collaboration with our client that showcased their unique technology and sustainable approaches to ethical fish protein production. 

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