Custom Web Design & Web Development Services

Toneyes is a creative web design company based in Bangkok, Thailand. Utilising our expertise and professional web development services, we create stunning websites that increase web presence significantly. We offer our clients CMS solutions and custom HTML websites, HTML5 animation and web application development.
Our design team and our web development team work seamlessly and cohesively together on every custom web design concept to create a succinct and well-researched design and a technical concept that brings together a plethora of different specialist angles, to assure you that the website both works aesthetically and maintains a high quality coding standard.

Nowadays quality custom web design and creative web design companies are harder to find than most people realise. Those posing as web design companies tend to use finished templates and components to create your website, simply adjusting minor attributes of the design to tailor it to your business more appropriately. However, this is merely a temporary solution, as true professionalism shines through in a company that has custom web design that is both succinctly functional and visually appealing. Our development team comprises of professional graphic designers, PHP developers and CSS developers who are all experts in their given field ensuring the exceptional quality of your custom web design in the hands of Toneyes.

Custom Web Design Package

Our standard custom web design packages include both a design concept and a technical concept. We build our designs on an international standard content management system (CMS) such as Joomla and Wordpress, for easy functionality and updates. Our clients receive a fully functioning CMS system, so they will be able to edit and change their content and products from everywhere they want.

For sophisticated websites and website functions, our PHP developers develop your own custom components. Our web development services include a personal CMS training package to ensure that you are fully capable of maintaining your website on completion. This maintenance is integral to keeping your search engine rankings high as you will need new content to reach your target audience.
Toneyes, as a professional web solutions designer, prides itself on standing beside you to meet your specific needs in terms of consultancy in design, web development, web maintenance and invaluable SEO tips.

Creative Web Design

What is creative web design? Next to the programming, design and visual communication play a really important role in online marketing.
There is always a standard rule in every creative web design, and that is to create as many revenues as possible.
With our knowledge in visual communications we assure the best user interface and the best usability for your website.

Web Development Services

Included in our web development services, we offer services in PHP, CSS and HTML. Our senior developers are always fully and seamlessly integrated in the concept process of your custom web design. A technical concept from the developers ensures a successful base for your web design for any additional developments and updates in the future, and ensures a bug-free website, with a 3-year warranty to prove your faith in our services.

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