Video Production & Online Video Marketing

Video is taking online marketing by storm. Online video marketing and video production are quickly becoming a key tool for businesses to attract their target audience. It is a great method to engage your viewers, to spend longer time on your website and more time interacting with your brand. For any social media and any SEO content, online video marketing is without a doubt one of the best tools to brand your business. With the market being overloaded with information nowadays, it is vital for businesses to think about their content strategy and to offer content that is easy to digest; if not, customers will simply move on.

Great products and services matter, but stories are what connect people with businesses and brands. We believe that web video is an engaging way to show off an organization’s personality, people, culture and customers. Video helps humanize a business and is one of the easiest ways to add interactivity to your website.


Video production process

Our focus at Toneyes is to be creative, not only with the web video but also in the content strategy we build around your business. It is very important for us that we take the videos to a higher level by including all our different skills, from design, marketing to motion graphics. It takes a strong visual communication to be successful.

Toneyes provide the online video marketing tools to communicate your company’s story, engage and educate customers, and drive interactivity on your website. Our video production includes:

  • Concept Creation
  • Script Writing
  • Voice-Over Recording
  • Motion Graphics

Why web video is important to your business

1. Clarify objective of your product

Text can be tricky since there is so many ways people can interpret what they read. Online marketing videos trough a professional video prodcution take the guesswork out of explaining the usefulness and basic function of a product or service. The audience gain a better understanding of product or service once they see and hear someone explain it. By including web video as part of your content strategy this helps you to connect better with your potential customer by explaining what your business can do for them and why they should choose you.

2. Rank higher in Google Search / Web traffic

Websites that do not think carefully of their content strategy end up with endless pages of text and images ranked low in Google Search, which means less exposure. This also scares away customers who want to quickly understand a product or service. The best online marketing videos will get their attention immediately.

3. Attract potential customers

With most people having social media, most of the information gets passed around through this channel. With an innovative and exciting online marketing videos, people may share your web video, attracting potential customers that are in their contact list.

Watch the sample from our work with FactoryPro

Professional Web Video Production

“Creativity always get the last word”

On top of video production, to make your video more engaging for your target audience, motion graphics is another way to do so. Along with our experienced motion graphics team, we make sure that your message gets across to your target audience. Get that bit right and web video won’t just be the future of content strategy marketing, it’ll be the future of content marketing for you.