My Journey and Experience at Toneyes

Hello my name is Supanuch Sakdapipanich. As thai national and student in Communication design I decided to carry out my internship in the Design web agency Toneyes in bangkok because in order to improve my skills in motions graphics, learn more about webdesign, corporate identity and get professional experience.

This internship has been for me a great experience as a graphic designer. During this internship in Bangkok, I learned the necessary skills to become a good designer. I learned to work in a professional environment, share my ideas and perspective with my team. Toneyes ans the team also taught me how to be convincing, communicate and express my ideas and design concepts to clients. I finally learn marketing skills such as SEO optimization and Keyword Analysis that would be very useful in the future.

The best part of this internship, in Bangkok was definitely how the agency works. Working in this team was just great. Everyone was willing to help and it helped me to be more confident and be more responsible and professional.

My work during this internship was very interesting and challenging. I worked on project involving responsabilities and stress where the best result had to be deliver. I mainly did Motion Graphic and Graphic Design in this internship. I was in charege, for instance of the creation of new flyers for the famous brand Mochi Sweets. I also created a Motion Graphic video for the brand Mobile Lager. Finally I helped in the Keyword Analysis for the thai website of Mochi Sweets. In this project, I had to communicate efficiently with the copyrighter in order to deliver the best result and search engine optimisation possible to make the website as well-positioned as possible on Google.

I would suggest this internship for people that are passionated about design, confident and willing to take initiative. If you have this skills and you are motivated Toneyes is a great internship.

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