My Journey and Experience at Toneyes (Ornkamon Duangman)

As a Thai student from the Faculty of Architecture Department of Communication Art and Design in Bangkok at King Mongkut's institude of Technology Ladkrabang, I chose  to carry out an internship at Toneyes because I wanted to work in an international and creative environment as I have always worked and studied with Thai people.

Being an intern at Toneyes, in Bangkok was very challenging and rewarding at the same time. All over my intership I did not just learn how to use software effectively, I learned the fondamental to become a good designer. Toneyes taught me how to think differently, understanding client‘s perpective and the importance of deadline in each projects I worked on. I believe the greatest value of this internship was that it provided me a unique and real experience that I would have never gotten in my classroom. I learned how to create design concepts, share them without an international team and that having an open mind was required in order to become a better graphic designer.

As an intern, I didn’t only receive training. At Toneyes the expectations and challenges were high and I was in charge on from my first day to real projects involving responsabilities and deadline. I worked on many interesting projects involving graphic design, printing and webdesign. I had to create a traditional packaging and design the new mock up for the famous brand Mochi Sweets. I also got involved in the creation of new logos of many brands where finding the good design was indispensable as it reflects the identity of the company.

I truly believe that the education I received and the the projects I worked on really helped me to improve my skills and become a good graphic designer.
I would suggest that in order to carry out this internship, some qualities are indispensable such as willing to learn, being a hardworking and motivated person.

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