About the Fashion brand logo design Moody Giraffe

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The project fashion brand logo design Moody Giraffe was a fun project. Moody Giraffe is a brand that sells clothing only on Facebook. As a startup we helped to frame the style and picture of the owner of the store, to target the audience in the right way. 

Some people would say that the logo it self looks like a child clothing brand, but if put together with the actual clothing, it clearly defines the target audience. Younger people that are cute and like to wear stylish sexy clothing.

The fashion brand logo design was build with a Giraffe, the favorite animal of the owner. With the word "moody" we gave the brand an additional twist. Important to understand is also that the stores clientell contains a lot of people that the owner knows personally. And to seperate this store from others on the social media we have chosen the stylish cute factor.

We as Bangkok based design agency, were focusing to catpure the personaly of our client rather than to create something new and drive our client to a new kind of direction. As small startup we always say it is important to be different from others and in this case it is important to show what the owners really stand for.

What our client says

 The fashion brand logo Moody Giraffe went out really great. Toneyes implemented my personal mentality into the fashion brand logo design. The agency focused more on my personal views then on consulting me to a different direction. Their comment was "This is your store, people should see the brand as they would see you". 

I think this approach is really important and some agencies miss this point, since we as owner have to live with the fashion brand logo design and it really should represent our visions and in my case my peronality. 

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