TOP files is a company that promotes education, basketball and football tournaments. Including the equipment used to play basketball for the ball in every age. 

I thought about changing the program. Desktop files, making the decision to hire a design firm tone Buckeyes joined the company. The project is completely up to the next. With the cooperation of these customers, Top files are unique and different from the others, obviously.

Company tone Buckeyes have access to a well-researched and team spirit of the team. To be used in the design of the graphic design and web design. 

A cool and unique, has a key role. The company has adopted a tone blush color to reflect the unique spirit of the team and to match the concept. 

Simplicity is the cool thing to be able to communicate in words from the change in time. 

Corporate identity

It is that you feel like watching a movie filming in the sun, bright as a team can be communicated in words. And is also rich in imagination as well. As things ready for customers. So that they can experience those feelings in a short time. 

Designers have designed the world in a new perspective and to look forward to. All they want What has been changed from this project is that our customers get new perspectives and to understand the advantages of the project, we have more to another level. 

In this project, we try to create a good relationship between us and our customers as possible. We received great feedback and this can succeed because communication with customers to understand their needs. 

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