Hotel Website Design Concept

We as a Bangkok based website company received the project for a Hotel, on the island of Gilli Trawangan, to create a new website and rebrand the hotel.
A Hotel in Indonesia with a nice atmosphere, tried to boost their hotel internet marketing with a new web design. As a experience hotel website design company had the challenge to rebrand on a existing hotel with an existing logo and infrastructure. 

As a Bangkok, Thailand based web design company we had the privilege to work closely with one of the Samba Villas partner which also was a photographer and work on the design concept of Samba Villas, Indonesia. Trough professional and impressing images from the photographer, we where able to understand the mentality of the island, Gilli Trawangan. 
Our Concept was clear, rather to create a other boring hotel website, we came up with the concept to let the images speak for them selfs. We create a hote website design concept for Samba Villa with an impressive header which reaches over the whole screen and at least will go as long as 30% - 50% in height of the computer screen. We came up with the concept to not only sell the hotel and its infrastructure, but rather to sell the destination, the friendliness of the staff and the adventure that you will get there. 

As a expert in hotel internet marketing, our website company, Toneyes worked on the content and on the selection of the photos on every single page. If you click to a room page for example, you will have the feeling that you are directly standing in the room. We used the panoramic photos and used their powers to create a illusion on the website to actually let the website visitor feel like they are already in the hotel. 

Why is Hotel Internet Marketing so important for a Hotel?

A lot of hotel managers think, all their client will be supplied by tours and travel agencies anyway, or they even set up a hotel internet marketing concept with Agoda or with other hotel portals. As a website company we explain to all our clients, especially a hotel, that their clients are mostly thousands of miles away. And the website is the only spot where you can create a virtual version of the actual hotel and sell your hotel to the people. 

Hotel Internet marketing is not only distributing an connecting your hotel offers and packages with website portals, it is also how you create your virtual representation of the hotel online, how to socially connect with your clients. Website visitors also decide for a hotel not on spot, they make their decision from their computers. So it is really important to understand as a hotel manager how important it is to represent your hotel in the right way online. 

Images, photos, good review and a good professional hotel website design connected by a professional website company are the most important things for your hotel internet marketing. 
Also Important is the considaration of a onsite online booking solution, Samba Villas using Channel Manager System.

Clients Testimonial

We decided us for the Bangkok, Thailand based website company Toneyes, because we saw that the management was German speaking and we already did a lot of business in Thailand. 
Fast we saw and recognised the talent of the design team and where really happy to work with a creative team. Toneyes is the best creative website company if you need a website and we learned a lot regarding the topic "hotel internet marketing"

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