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CEAS, Community of east asian scholars, required a simple blog page. This was the first project that Toneyes developed and designed for Thammasat University. As professional joomla developers based in Bangkok, Thailand, Toneyes builds and creates the branding design and website design for CEAS.
With the simple customised joomla development CEAS is one of the must trusted regular clients of Toneyes.
Toneyes also created the customised logo design. With the concept to reflect the ASEAN Organisation in the Branding of CEAS, our design team tweaked the bright colors of ASEAN Organisation itself to create still yet a unique visual feeling.

After 4 years, we redesigned the Thammasat Univsersity website design and gave the joomla website a entire new phase. With every 2-3 years period the global website trend changed entirely and Toneyes adjusted and modernised the Thammasat University website within a set budget.
A maintenance fixed budget also allowed the project to be updated trough out the time.


Our CEAS Thammasat University Team was really pleased with Toneyes services. Our team got fully included to the logo design concept and with a intelligent way of design process, we where able to create a great meaningful logo. We got a lot of positive feedback from our students and professors and from the ASEAN Organisation themselves.
The joomla website development was also finalised accordingly a short deadline period and we recommend Toneyes to all our organisations organised and maintained by the Thammasat University.

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