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Toneyes a SEO web design company rebranded Siam Residence and re-designed their website.  As a professional SEO web design company based in Bangkok, we created a simple web design that showcases their villas and their beautiful space. 

As you see in the website we designed a minimalistic structure to design a really special user experience. 
The big images give the website user the perfect idea he accomondation and sales the advantages of the hotel. 

A simple, but in detail ux designed navigation by the SEO web design company Toneyes, navigates the website user trough the siam residence website with giving the user all needed information. 

Why the client hired a professional SEO Web Design Company

Siam Residence hat several entries and offline advertising running. In todays marketing every point need to lead and link to the website. 

The website is the decision point for the hotel clients. Even if the clients are generated by entries of online booking system, the hotels own website also plays in 70% the final decision point. Trough the analytics and analysis of the bounce and leaving rate, the hotel hired a SEO web design company to increase the conversation rate. 


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