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Tripcap is a private equity firm focusing on investing in new ideas and products. An unique and inspiring business idea was setup to invest investments into young people and startup companies to create revenue within a short period of time.

Web Design Concept

The web design company Toneyes created with the client a concept to approach their target audience in a more personal way.
The target market was the south east asia market, the mission and vision was to contribute investment into startups to grow and boost the south east asia market.

The name Tricap is the short version of the full company name Trinity Capital Co.,Ltd., for reason to have a young, more inspiring and revolutionary look, we have shorten then name to Tricap, to also make the company's brand look mit inspiring to their target group.

Tricap also designed additionally a student loan program. The student loan was designed to give talented smart student that could not afford a better education in south east asia.

Functionality and Content Strategy

The web design was build up quite simple. On the homepage we set up the web design in a way so people can immediately understand the value of the company in a visual way.
Short videos of beautiful landscapes, young children and beautiful sunsets representing that Tricap is more about just investments and companies.

Tricap cares about the south east asia market and believes that startups are the future for a bright future for the asia market. The web design company saw itself as target group and was able to create a profound concept and visual concept for the company Tricap.

What the client says

Toneyes was the right web design company and web agency to work with. We loved the work with Toneyes, since they saw our visions and understood our philosophy immediately, and was also able to develop the ideas to a truly unique brand.

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