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A PHP web development project for the APM Global Health, HIV Foundation and the UNFPA

The Our Voices web application was build on a Symfony2 PHP framework, specificly designed for website users of the website to create their own curriculum out of highly suffististaced research material regarding Integrating HIV, sexual and reproductive health to the key population in different countries in mainly in the south east asia area. The concept was to create a simple user experience and web environemnt where anybody could easely get access the needed documentations.

I a great collaboration with HIV Foundation in Thailand and the APM Global Health we have created a simple accessible php web development website where use not even need to register. The global health website "Our Voices" includes a features such as easely adding different sets of documentation to the favorites which bundles all the files in a mini cart / curriculum environment, where users can then easely download the whole set as a ZIP document to their working station and use the documentation then for the workshop that they are attending.

User experience design and web design to introduce a suffisticated topic

Our team closely worked with the team of HIV Foundation and the APM Global Health together to really generate a design concept that makes a suffisticated complicated topic look easy. We designes the website so people would understand that to understand and to be able to create their own curriculum in the related topics they would need to follow the 6 steps, which would be Understanding the situation, be informed about the existing services & packages in the region, engagement, measurement and then work together.

website product page

website product page


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