Motion Graphic Design - Subsum

Subsum is a mobile app from Switzerland, targeting the idea to give spontanity back to the people. The app includes a social radar where people can meet new people and the things that are happening around them. People can view photos of instagram places and moments created by other users. The motion graphic company Toneyes created a short video that shows the main idea of Subsum. 

The concept in the eyes of the motion graphic company

We as motion graphic company located in Bangkok Thailand, created the short animation for the swiss mobile app "Subsum" a short presentation that they used to looking for investors on the web summit 2014 in dublin. 

The motion graphic design was designed so the main idea of the app will by presented within 30 seconds. With simple animation and a professional voiceover we created a 30seconds animation that is suitable to be shown on exhibition. 

What the client says

We have been working with Toneyes in a long therm not only on motion graphic design projects but also on web application and mobile applications. As motion graphic company Toneyes deliveres a really professional solution. The production was fast and we got everything needed in one package. Script, professional voice-over, Storyboarding and animation. We recommend the motion graphic company Toneyes for your motion graphic design projects, since video is a really great solution to bring accross your message. 

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