As a student in Business, I've always been interested by the Web and Marketing so I decided that carry out an internship in a Design & Web agency in Bangkok would be for me a great opportunity to get an overview of how online businesses work and what were the necessary tools to get revenue from websites in order to attract more clients and converse into objectives.

My favourite part of this internship was first the work I had in charge. At Toneyes in Bangkok, I was responsable for all our English website content, doing Search Engine optimisation for us and other companies, and the necessary marketing researches for the projects I was involved. The second best part of this internship was definitely the team. Getting to know everyone, in Bangkok and work with them was amazing. Talking, understanding and sharing my point of view to everyone has been for me the best way learning could have been done and made the work so much more enjoyable.

This internship was not only fun. I had responsibilities and was always working on something news when something was done. I had to give the best of me on each project I worked on. This internship was very chalenging but also very rewarding at the time. Working on all the projects and with in this team really helped me to get knowlegdes, I would have never gotten in a classroom. At Toneyes, in bangkok I learn to think outside the box, how to work in a professional environment and how to communicate efficiently. This internship also taught me to be more professional and I learned to work under responsabilities and challenges which helped me today, to be more confident and give better results and auto critism on my work.

I would suggest this internship for people that are open-minded, willing to learn new things and can take initiative. If you have a positive attitude and show motivation, This internship in Bangkok will be for you the best way to get skiils and improve yourself.

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