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How a web design company suceeded a website redesign project for an advisory firm

As a web design company we got the task to redesign the brand OptAsia for the current market.

OptAsia Capital is a professional financial advisory firm, specialising in the energy, infrastructure and real estate sector. OptAsia primarily focuses on M & A transactions and raising funds through structured products.

The client and the web design company Toneyes worked closely to achieve a new corporate identity and make an conservative advisory firm look more human. To archive the personal connection to their clients and website users we approached the website redesign project from a more human kind of perspective.

By using children and people in the website redesign project we shifted the focus from investment and materialised future to more on client relation and that OptAsia cares about it's clients future planing and growth. "The only way to grow, is to grow together", a simple slogan that transforms OptAsia Capital image and approach to their clients.

Our web design company also worked on a friendly human color tone for the OptAsia image. Pastel bright colours with a earth tone mix gives the website redesign the final touch and shifts the mood of the website to something friendly and comfortable to navigate trough. A simple but still thoughtful page design trough our the whole website gives the needed information to the website users to build enough interest and trust to get in contact with the advisory firm.

Simple animated graphics on each page also reflects the progress and represents that the advisory firm never stands still in the market. The dynamic of the company and it's passion for growth and progress in clearly passed to the user with simple but straight forward visual design.

This is not our first website project with the same client. This is a recurring client and we already worked on the following project with this client:

Our Point of view of the project

As a web design company it is really great to work with a client so closely on a website redesign project. We learned a lot about the clients market and had the privilege to work a success redesign with our clients valuable input.

website product page

website product page

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