2Pay4You Payment Provider User Interface Design

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2Pay4You is a payment provider that provides lightning fast cross-border payments at lower fees compared to banks and other payment providers. The platform is closely working with Toneyes on Brand Building, Advertising, Online Marketing, User Experience Design, and User Interface Design.

The first project was to redesign the front-end website of 2Pay4You to bring across the message more efficiently. Investing in Brand and User Experience was required since the clientele of 2Pay4You expanded and entered a bigger market segment that also included big companies in all over the world, enabling them to take advantage on the low transaction fees as well.

In this project, Toneyes had worked closely with the back-end developers and the 2Pay4You development team. Our agency became the User Interface Design Consultant for 2Pay4You’s back-end.

The User Interface Design Team worked on User Flows and Screenshots, which was then passed to the 2Pay4You development team for realization and integration into the back-end.

The User Interface Design created and built for 2 Pay4You is currently being used by tens of thousands of users worldwide.


User Interface Design 2Pay4You Portfolio

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